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Is Counseling Beneficial For Depression Treatment 


The problem of depression is not an uncommon thing today, and millions of people suffer from it all around the world. The only hindrance that comes in the way of treating the problem is accurate diagnosis and cooperation of the patient. Depressed people mostly become too introvert and do not open up. They are not keen on telling their problems and start bottling up. Speaking to someone close or family member may pose a problem for them. But a professional psychotherapist is not a known person and discussing the problem with them might not be uncomfortable for the depressed person. They offer psychological counseling and focus on getting to the root of the problem rather than just prescribing medications. 

Psychological counseling can do wonders for the patients who have been bearing the brunt of depression for a long time. It mainly starts with a face to face interaction between the therapist and the patient. The therapist tries to evaluate the state of mind of the patients by discussing or asking some particular questions related to the patient’s feelings, worries, and the things that possibly trigger the issue of depression in them. By this method, the therapist comes to know what type of depression the patient is actually going through. There are different types of approach that the counselor can take to treat the issue of depression, depending on the condition of the patient.

Behavioral therapy 

It mainly concentrates on changing the external behavior of the patient. The therapist believes that the person is depressed due to their behavior. The therapist anticipates that working on the patient’s behavior will be able to change or inhibit those feelings of depression that the patient might be experiencing. It might work for some people, but at times it fails to touch the underlying conditions of depression. It is the first step to make the patient recognize the behavioral issues that might be causing depression.

Cognitive therapy 

This therapy mainly focuses on going deep inside the patient’s mind rather than just working on his or her external behavior. Cognitive therapy mainly involves on changing the negative thoughts in the patient’s mind, which causes depression. Thoughts like hopelessness, pessimism, un-realistic outlooks, self-criticism, and expectations that they have often become the root of depression.  Cognitive therapy generally helps in distinguishing important issues that affect someone’s life and petty problems, which needs no attention.

Interpersonal therapy

This method of therapy mainly focuses on interpersonal therapy and how social interaction can make a person depressed and what can be done about it. The therapy mainly concentrates on understanding how patients react to social situations and the triggers of depression symptoms caused by interpersonal behaviors. For example, a person can relate particular anxieties, fears, and fantasies with social interactions. Interpersonal therapy chiefly finds a way to recognize these problems of depression in social interaction.


The main purpose of psychotherapy is treating the mental illness of a person. The motto of the psychotherapist is reaching the core cause of the depression in a person. It covers all the aspects of an individual’s life for consideration and acknowledgment when speaking to the therapist. It is to make the individual receiving counseling session comfortable, and they can openly discuss all the points of their life, no matter how personal or painful it might be. Psychotherapy generally involves four types of therapy like individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, and couple therapy.

Psychodynamic counseling 

This type of counseling for depression has an association with Freudian counseling techniques. It fully emphasizes on the person’s unconscious mind and subconscious thought process. Instead of finding alternative reasons, this therapy digs deep to uncover the conflicting issues that have developed in the patient’s childhood. The goal is to resolve these conflicts, which are causing depression and show them how to cope with conflicts or issues that they are experiencing.                               


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